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Where’s Elaine Park?

Elaine Park was a high-spirited 20-year-old actress from La Crescenta, California, who had some small parts in movies and tv such as Crazy Stupid Love and E.R. She had plans to meet up with her on-again,off-again boyfriend, Divine and see a movie on January 28, 2017. Elaine drove to Calabasas, California, to Divine’s house he…

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 What Happened To Tabitha?

  April 29, 2003, started like any other Tuesday for 13-year-old Nashville native Tabitha Tuders. Tabitha’s mother, Debra, was the first one up and left for work at a local elementary school. Bo, Tabitha’s dad, was the next off to work. He woke Tabitha up at around 7 a.m. before he left. Tabitha’s older sister,…

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